Welcome to the Sip'!

We understand the hardships that coffee lovers sometimes face just to get a good cup of coffee. That’s why we built our business model around the most important parts of the coffee journey.


We serve Specialty Grade beans that come from multiple origins all over the world, to include: Columbia, Brazil, Guatemala, India, Kenya, and many others. We are dedicated to bringing you the best product we can, not only at the price you deserve, but from the best people. Our beans are always ethically sourced and ethically traded. 


Sip the Sip' wherever and whenever you like! Leave the work to us; all you have to do is browse and buy. Before you know it, your favorite coffee will be right at your doorstep!


The Sip' is not only your new favorite coffee, but we make sure you can get what you love at the price you deserve. Our blends are FIVE times more affordable ounce for ounce than what those other guys are trying to sell you. Quit paying and waiting for overpriced, mediocre coffee and get Sippin'.

Customer Service:

Just like our home state, Hospitality is our number one priority and you are our number one asset. Without you, there is no Sip' to Sip. So, no matter the issue, big or small, we will always do everything we can to make it right. Reach out to us anytime at: customersupport@thesipcoffeeco.com 

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