How We Beat Our Competition

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Our pricing is always transparent! You may see a "lower" price online else where, but most of the time, this price is not all inclusive.

  • Our competition likes to put a nice $15.99 dollar value out there, but once you get to checkout, you get hit with surprise shipping costs. Sometimes these shipping costs may tack on an extra $8 dollars or more!
  • So not only is our coffee better, but it's cheaper too!

*All coffee is subject to tax in certain jurisdictions

Customer Service

Without you, there is no Sip'! You are our number one asset and without you, none of this is possible.

  • Just like our home state, Hospitality is built into our name, and we include it in everything we do!
  • Our competition, in-store and online, likes to beat around the bush or put you through automated processes. We are tired of it too and know that you deserve better.
  • We have minimal automation in our customer service experience. The only time you will encounter this is with the pre-generated questions on our in-store chat menu. Otherwise, all chats and contact cards are sent to an actual human.


Not only do we serve the best coffee we can, but we ship it to you for free!

  • Our competitors have hefty shipping and surprise fees at checkout.
  • Our Shipping is always FREE!

*Shipping is U.S. ONLY

Better Quality

Our coffee is much higher quality than most other stores and websites, yes, even that one from Seattle!

  • Our Beans always score between an 80-99
  • Most of the other guys score lower than 80 and some of those store brands even fall in the 60s!
  • Why settle for less and pay more?

Ethically Sourced

Our coffee bean farms are hand selected all over the world! We ensure that our coffee is ethically sourced and ethically traded, always.

Sippin' Like A Local

When you buy from us, you are supporting a small business! The Sip' is family owned and operated.

  • The Big Box stores only care about profits and answering to their corporate board.
  • The only person we answer to is YOU! Your coffee experience and interests are the most important parts of our business.
  • We don't put profits or board members first. You are our number one priority.