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What Ground Should I Order?

Drip: This grind is for your everyday coffee pot. Standard ground made for the water to absorb flavor and drip into your coffee pot.

Fine: This grind is for our Espresso Lovers. It is finely ground for the quick brewing process found in espresso machines. The fine ground coffee allows the water to pass through quickly and absorb as much flavor as possible.

Coarse: This is for our friends that have a little more time in the morning to brew. Coarse ground is heavier than our other grounds, meaning, it takes longer for the water to absorb the flavor of the beans and creates a less bold flavor.

Whole Bean: For the fresh coffee lover. Our whole beans allow for maximum preservation and freshness. If you have a grinder at home, we always recommend whole bean if you have time!

How long is Shipping?

Shipping time varies with location; however, your coffee should be fresh ground, packaged, and delivered to your doorstep within 5-7 business days.

  • If you believe your package may be delayed or lost, please reach out: Customersupport@thesipcoffeeco.com

*Shipping is U.S. ONLY

What Does "Specialty Grade." Mean?

Specialty Grade refers to the quality of the beans. This is an in depth and thorough process that determines where a coffee bean's quality lies on the scale of 1-99. Our beans lie within 80-99, this allows us to be graded as "Specialty Grade".

How Is Your Coffee Better?

Since our beans are Specialty Grade, they not only "sound" better, but they taste better too! Our blends are much smoother and fresher than the coffee you find on the shelf at your nearest convenience store.

By much more fresh, we mean MUCH more fresh. Our coffee will be in your cup within a week of being roasted. In store, most blends sit for 3-6 months or more from the time they are roasted to the time you are consuming them.

Are There Any Stores I Can Buy The Sip' At?

We are working to get our coffee on a shelf near you as soon as possible. Again, we always want to ensure two things: You get the coffee you need, and we deliver the freshest coffee we can.

• Stay on the look out! We plan on having our Coffee on shelves in the coming months.

Are There Actual "Sip'" Coffee Shops?

Not Yet! This is something we would love to work into and truly become a part of the communities that support us! Stay on the lookout though, things are always changing and we are always looking for new opportunities to get the best coffee to you!